Ultimate Guide Before Buying Gucci Purses on Ebay: How to Tell if a Gucci Bag is Real (or Fake)?

Ultimate Gucci Gude - 'Authentic Gucci Bag' - Ultimate Guide on How to Tell if a Gucci Bag is Real or Fake - Bagaholic 101

(ETA: It has come to my attention that the ‘Chicago Tribune‘ has mentioned Bagaholic 101 in their article ‘Is that handbag real, or fake? Here’s how to prove your designer bag is the real thing‘. Thank you very much, Ms. Ellen Warren for the feature and recognizing this Ultimate Gucci Guide!)


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The Beginning

Before I start this ‘Ultimate Guide’ in buying Gucci purses on Ebay, or online for that matter, let me tell you a not-so-brief history on where this knowledge came from. I bet for anyone contemplating to buy from the pre-loved market, this is an anecdote you can easily relate to. And this is the motivation why I thought of helping others with tips in spotting an authentic from a fake Gucci bag.

(Though if you want to skip this inane trip down memory lane, click here to jump to the ‘Sections’ below this post).

In May 2007, I bought my first ever Vogue magazine. At the time, I was a precarious, freshly out of uni 22-year old on my first job. I remember flipping madly at the March 2007 issue of US Vogue during lunch break (the thick Spring Issue with Jennifer Hudson on the cover, on the trail of the awards season for her Dreamgirls fame).

I cannot remember if it was an editorial or an advertisement, but it was only then that the name Gucci rang a dusty bell in my mind. The beautiful monogram, trimmed with luscious leather from that glossy page reminded me an old purse from our closet.

As soon as the clock hit 5, I hurried off home right away. I grabbed this pouch from the bowels of our closet and marveled at the monogram design.

A vintage Gucci canvas bag which turned out to be fake - Ultimate Guide Before Buying Purses on Ebay

A vintage “Gucci” monogram canvas bag with a lot of history… and future =)

I used it everyday for 5 months straight. The pouch on its own, the pouch inside a bigger bag, the pouch kept under my arm while just buying bread from the bakery across the street; name it, I carried it everywhere.

One Isn’t Enough, Buy a  Bag!

On the 6th month, I thought why not buy a bag now? But as I barely had a lot in my bank account, the pre-loved market crossed my mind.

As a devout academic, I did my research. For hour’s end until the break of dawn of the same night (or day), I read everything about buying Gucci purses on Ebay.

But something was amiss. With all these related literature at hand, it finally dawned on me. I was gobsmacked. THE PURSE I’VE BEEN LOVINGLY USING FOR THE PAST 5 MONTHS WAS FAKE.

I inspected it closely from the information I had and, yep, it was a counterfeit Gucci; and not even a good one. It never saw the light of the day again.

I had left my infatuation at the drawing board, and had been focused on other things (e.g. left my first job, fell in love, got heartbroken after only a couple of months — you get the gist).

During that heartbroken phase, I pulled out my virtual dossier. The opportunity from this despair was the rekindled interest. Most of all, the wealth of information I managed to gather eventually empowered me to buy. (Interestingly, I’ve been with a new, and still the same, person months after. We’ve been together for almost 9 years now.)

My first ever authentic Gucci bag with serial number 145861 2123! Photo sent by the seller on 14 July 2008 - Ultimate Guide Before Buying Purses on Ebay

My first ever authentic Gucci bag with serial number 145861 2123! Photo sent by the seller on 14 July 2008

As you can see, I even managed to save (from an old 250 MB flash drive) the original photo sent by the seller with a 14 July 2008 watermark. It was the serial number of a messenger bag in black monogram canvas.

I also managed to score a bag from a thriftstore, which the seller claimed as fake, sold only for about $10! No way! It’s a popular and widely faked style, but upon close inspection, it was the real deal.

How to buy cheap Gucci bags - an Authentic Gucci messenger bag (with serial number 110054 203419) I bought for only $10 - Ultimate Guide Before Buying Purses on Ebay

How to buy cheap Gucci bags? Here is an Authentic Gucci messenger bag (with serial number 110054 203419) I bought for only $10!

But the opportunity from this information was that I then began selling bags I bought from thriftstores and online (I cannot overstate the power of good photos and presentation skills), and this is where the ‘Ultimate Guide’ took its roots. Who knew this could be an additional source of income?

The Devil is in the Details

Few months after this first authentic Gucci bag, I passed by a garage sale with a bunch of bags on top of a table. Curiosity kicked in and I checked out some of the items.

Among the lot, I noticed this nondescript but elegant bag. With its black nylon canvas body and metallic frame closure, my heart pounded quickly. It was a Gucci bag!

Long story short, I bought the bag and sold it on Ebay for more than 6 times the price I had bought it.

First authentic Gucci bag I sold online - a nylon canvas shoulderbag with serial number 001.3218 001274 - Ultimate Guide Before Buying Purses on Ebay

First authentic Gucci bag I sold online: a nylon canvas shoulderbag

Close-up of the hardware of an authentic Gucci bag with serial number 001.3218 001274 - Ultimate Guide Before Buying Purses on Ebay

Close-up of the hardware of an authentic Gucci bag


Detail of the nylon canvas and silver hardware of an authentic Gucci bag with serial number 001.3218 001274 - Ultimate Guide Before Buying Purses on Ebay

Detail of the nylon canvas and silver hardware

Gucci marked leather zipper pull of an authentic Gucci bag with serial number 001.3218 001274 - Ultimate Guide Before Buying Purses on Ebay

Gucci marked leather zipper pull


Authentic Gucci bag's serial number 001.3218 001274 - Ultimate Guide Before Buying Purses on Ebay

Authentic Gucci bag’s serial number 001.3218 001274

Suffice to say, my research a year ago for Gucci was the start of a long career in buying and selling bags. But not all bags are created equal. Even some fake bags look convincingly authentic with an untrained eye. That’s the reason why I compiled this useful guide in buying Gucci purses, whether on Ebay or other online platforms, where we rely mostly on images. I have already stopped this venture because of lack of time, but I thought it is better to share this information online.

From material, hardware, zipper and even seams, I have created this series to see the devil in the details when looking for authentic Gucci bags. I have also included an especially long section for Gucci leather tags and serial number — because, sometimes, a close Gucci bag serial number check is all you need.

I have also added special topics dedicated to know what to look on commonly-searched authentic vintage Gucci bags, the vague “Gucci Plus” bags, as well as case studies of comparing real vs. fake Gucci bags.

The aim of this ‘Ultimate Guide’ is to help the Gucci newcomers be informed, the same way I had hoped my 22-year old self could have stopped carrying that fake Gucci pouch. Oh, the foolishness of youth! =)

A picture paints a thousand words, that’s why this whole endeavor of how to tell if a Gucci bag is real (or fake) is accompanied by more than 300 clear photos of fake and, of course, authentic Gucci bag details. This is especially helpful for those who find “How to Spot Fake Gucci Bags” guide (wiki/wikiHow) especially frustrating because they are so sparse with details.

You can thank me later, after you evaded your potentially fake bag. Let us start with Gucci bag material.



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  1. Thank you for this guide! This is the most complete one I found online on how to check fake Gucci bag! Where was this when I bought a fake Gucci bag by mistake 🙁

    Hopefully you post soon the case studies especially for the fake Gucci soho bag

    • You’re very much welcome! Like I mentioned here, I wanted to help others buy a real Gucci bag on Ebay because of my fake purse experience. Hopefully the long selling career I had could shed light to others.

      Don’t worry about the other guides! I will be writing them soon. At least the Gucci serial number check parts are already over because it took me two days just looking and compiling the pictures! Not to mention how long it takes to write just one part, I couldn’t help but explain as much as I can. Stay tuned! xoxo

      • hi can you help me identify if the gucci bag i bought online is real or fake? Where can i send the photos of the bag? Badly needed much help.. thanks

        • Hi! Please post a link of the photos of your bag. You may upload it on Photobucket or Tinypic. Cheers!

  2. Hi, your ultimate guide for buying Gucci items is really very detailed & I’m impressed by it!

    I’m a newbie selling a bag myself & is thankful for your guide here. I would like to request for further contact with you via my given email, as I have a single query to ask you regarding a Gucci item you had bought. Really hope you can help me out on this!

    Thanks & hope to hear from you in my mailbox soon! (^^, )

    • Hi! You’re very much welcome! I really hope to help as many people with this free Gucci authentication online guide. I sent you an email. You should have received it by now.

  3. Hi there!You are amazing with all these details about bags!But I am a little confused…about the bag I bought from eBay and supposed to be authentic..how could you check it ?please???

  4. I bought this gucci bag and after pouring over your information I still can’t figure or if it’s authentic. Can you help please!!!

    • Hi! Please post photos of the bag so we can have a good look. Cheers!

    • Hi! You may upload it on Tinypic or Photobucket and paste the link here. Cheers!

    • Hi Shannan! This vintage monogram Gucci Accessory Collection bag with serial number 004.02.020 is authentic. Cheers!

    • Hi Wenaerz! Unfortunately, this brown Gucci monogram boston bag with serial number 247205 4650 is fake.

  5. Hi there I really want to purchase this bag but still can’t tell if it’s real?

    • Hi Sophie! Please upload a photo on Tinypic or Imgur, and paste the links here. Cheers!

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