Gucci Authentication Service

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: We have received reports that there are sellers using tampered Bagaholic 101 ‘Certificate of Assessment’ to sell their fake bags (see sample below from the fakes’ seller). To verify the certificate’s validity, feel free to email… Continue Reading

Ultimate Real vs. Fake Gucci Bag Guide – The Gucci Bag Serial Number Check: Part 3

Rectangular Gucci Leather Tag - 'Authentic Gucci Bag' - Ultimate Guide on How to Tell if a Gucci Bag is Real or Fake - Bagaholic 101

——— material  | vintage serial number  |  rounded tag serial number  |  rectangular tag serial number  |  exterior  |  hardware  |  zipper  |  lining  |  seams |   vintage gucci and gucci accessory collection  |  gucci outlet  |  gucci plus  |  case study 1: gucci abbey bag | case study 2 : gucci soho bag |  case study 3 : gucci dionysus bag ——— You have read Part… Continue Reading