This refers to any mammal that is not necessarily farmed for its meat, but a free, wild animal. Kangaroo, elk/moose, peccary, and seal are included in this category. Deer is sometimes included, but it is sometimes categorized as a domestic mammal as it is farmed for its meat.


Louis Vuitton Soana Bag from 2008 made of kangaroo leather

Kangaroo skin is stronger than cow hide, and lightweight. It has a very uniform fiber structure and a skin of relatively even thickness. It can split thinly and still retain strength. It is produced from free-ranging animals under strict Australian government regulation.


Burberry Beige Bow Tote Bag in Deer leather

Deer skin is soft and supple to the touch. It has a tight grain structure and is very strong. It is washable and abrasion resistant. The skin is thicker in the butter and looser and thinner in the belly area. The skin generally is very stretch, so care needs to be taken when selecting this leather. The size of the skins varies: 7-12 sq. ft.(0.7-1.1 sq. m.).


A backpack from Gaston J. Glock using moose leather

Elk/moose skin produces a very heavy leather with similar properties to deerskin, except the hides are much thicker and require splitting. Size vary between 9-16 sq.ft. (0.8-1.5 sq.m.)


Tom Ford Medium Petra Bag in peccary leather

Peccary produces a fine leather with unique properties – it is extremely soft, pliable, stretchy, porous, and opaque. It is similar to pig skin, which has triangular clustered hair follicle markings. On the peccary, these are slightly larger, since the animal has coarser hair. It is hunted under conservation regulations determined by the Peruvian government. It has a limited availability and strict export restrictions, which makes the leather very expensive and luxurious.


A vintage Hermès porte-photos in rare cuir de phoque leather (seal skin)

Seal skin make strong, soft, flexible leather. Pin seal has a minute, pebbly, grain and may have a dull or glazed finish. This type of skin is usually vegetable tanned and not as durable as calf skin. Seal skin can also come with fur on. The outer fur is removed to reveal a soft, short under-fur.


Antelope leather is very difficult to find, It is virtually nonexistent in the U.K. and Europe. However, both kudu and springbok are available for purchase on the Internet. This leather has a velvety feel and is usually sueded on the flesh side.