Frog and toad skins are very similar to lizard skins, and share many of the same characteristics and properties. They are exotic in appearance and vary in the size and surface depending on the species.


Frog skins generally have a smoother finish than toad skins. The leather is light in weight but strong. The size of these skins varies, from 3-5 in. (7.5-13 cm) in width and 4-6 in. (10-15 cm) in length.


Toad skin shares many characteristics as frog skin but varies more greatly in size due to variations across species. The cane toad can grow up to 10 in. (25 cm) long and has recently become popular for tanning due to its status as vermin in countries such as Australia.

The leather of the cane toad is strong, tough, and durable. It has an almost plate surface in its center and is often confused by the uninitiated for crocodile leather. The skins vary in length between 5 and 10 in. (12 and 25 cm).