Gucci Bamboo Top Handle bag in pig skin

Pigskin is very easy to identify by the marks the hair follicles leave on the skin. The pig has very little hair and is protected by a layer of fat just below the surface of the skin. The skin is relatively tough with a tight, weave-structured grain. The skin is porous due to the hair follicles running through the skin. Pigskin is soft, supple, and durable. It is similar to Peccary, but different in follicle marks.


Vintage Backpack in Horse Leather

Horse hides are seldom of uniform quality. The back portion of the hide – the rump – contains a much thicker, less porous, and tougher area know as the crup, which is traditionally where Cordovan leather is taken from. The for part of the hide is known as the horse front and is used for heavy gloving leather and for the uppers of shoes.


Mulberry Oak Alexa Mini Satchel bag in Buffalo Leather


Buffalo hides are strong, tough, and have an interesting texture with a rubber feel and a pebbly look. These hides tend to be thick, badly wrinkled over the shoulders, and of a coarser, looser texture than ox. These hides can usually be split two or three times.