Tenpin bowling is enjoyed by millions, so it is no surprise that its bold harlequin colors and 1950s retro styling have sometimes slipped out of the bowling alleys and onto the fashion runway. Two-toned suede bowing suede shoes and bowling shirts have long been preppy staples, while the chunky two-handled bowling bag has given the world of handbas one of its most striking silhouettes.

Vivienne Westwood (1941–) has created a whole rack of bowling bags – including one in rabbit and another in her signature tartan. But the black-and-white bag from Westwood’s Red Label diffusion is her most overt tribute to bowling’s 1950s heritage. It also gives expression to the designer’s much-publicized political activism.

Vivienne Westwood and her signature bowling bag for a good cause

Created in collaboration with the environmental campaigning charity AmazonLife, the bag displays a ‘+5°’ logo to push home the message about global warming. The bag’s political engagement goes beyond mere sloganeering, however – the canvas is organic and the rubber is of the wild Amazonian variety. And unlike most other bags in this list, this practical, preppy daybag could even double up for a night down at the alley.