This is potentially the most dangerous handbag in whole world. Nothing sums up the terror and paranoia of the Cold War more than the Nuclear Football. It is a black leather case containing the nuclear codes that is nearly always a few feet away from the US President.

Instituted by former President John F. Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the case contains not only the ‘go codes’, but also the equally infamous Black Book, listing all retaliatory options available to the president.

The Football is not one but two case. Inside the black leather ‘jacket’ is a specially adapted Zero Halliburton case. Also, there are three Footballs and not one. The first one is concealed in the White House, the second one is with the vice president, and the third is carried around by a military aide.

U.S. President Donald Trump with the Nuclear Football

The security surrounding it was a failsafe method, in the event that one or two did not go as planned. One time, President Bill Clinton had managed to leave the third case behind a meeting, and the officer in charge of it have to walk half a mile back to the White House.