SPORTS BAG (c. 1970)

During the 1970s, both sportsmen and women became celebrities. Tennis players such as Ilie Nastase and footballers like Pelé were not just international icons, but also role models for the young. Sport was hip and even the least fit wanted a bit of the glamour and lifestyle.

Sports style became street style as sporting staples from athletic shoes and baseball caps to the humble sweatband began to seep down into everyday dress and fashions – whether in the form of hip-hop cool or discotheque chic.

Until then, not usually seen outside a gym or a football changing room, the sports bag, too, became a ubiquitous street fixture, a pop culture accessory of urban savvy. The bags vaunted their utilitarianism. The durable synthetic rubber, unfussy shape, bold colors, contrasting trims and strong logos all helped to turn the unassuming bags into a youth-driven ‘mod revival’ cult.

These were fashion items that even the most blustering of schoolboys could admit to coveting.