In popular culture, an episode was dedicated for the Hermès Birkin Bag in the hit television series, Sex and the City. A decade after in the second movie installment, a plot revolved around a broken Birkin, as Samantha battled it out against the religious men of Abu Dhabi.

The five-year waiting list, might be true or not, but it paints a clear picture of how coveted the bag is. Named after the actress and singer Jane Birkin, it is the embodiment of luxury, out of reach from the masses and glimpsed on the arms of the wealthiest, most fashionable women.

How much is too much? Not for its Hermès devoted clientele. Similar to its predecessor, the Hermès Kelly bag, the Birkin is created by a single craftsman, toiling not less than 48 hours to make it (do the math, a work week is usually 5 days. Therefore, a Birkin bag is made more than 2 days).

Hermès Birkin 30cm bag in Matte Himalayan Crocodile and 18k & diamond studded hardware

Prices run in the thousands, depending on the leather, hardware and color. At the very high end, the Crocodylus niloticus and diamond-encrusted, palladium hardware are the most sought after.

The Birkin was said to have been designed after the Hermès chairman met the actress Jane Birkin on a plane. As Jane Birkin accidentally scattered the contents of her bags across the floor, she complained about its size. Heeding this, the chairman commissioned a new design and the rest of the Birkin lore is history.