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We have received reports that there are sellers using tampered Bagaholic 101 ‘Certificate of Assessment’ to sell their fake bags (see sample below from the fakes’ seller). To verify the certificate’s validity, feel free to email us at if we did an authentication on a specific bag for sale. We have our comprehensive database indicating a unique verification ID for all the requests sent to us, with the date and time. Thank you.

Sample of a FAKE Bagaholic 101 Certificate. This has been tampered.


Afraid that the lovely Gucci bag or wallet you long to purchase online might be fake? Or the package you just received on the mail felt off?

What about that Gucci treasure in the attic that grandma has left to collect dust? Who knows, it might even fetch a fortune on Ebay!

Don’t second-guess, BAGAHOLIC 101 is here.

Note: Gucci bags, especially Gucci Marmont bags have scary super fakes, and we have authenticated loads of these in April 2019 alone.

For as low as US$ 5, receive an expert advice on your Gucci bag’s authenticity, stemming from Bagaholic 101’s more than a decade-worth of Gucci bag expertise.

A) Online/Photos Review: US$ 5

Review of an online listing, available through a link (e.g. Ebay, Carousell, Mercari, Instagram, OLX, Poshmark, etc.). If you already have the Gucci bag in your possession, you may also send us its photos.

For a quicker assessment, please have clear and close-up photos of the following (click links to see sample photos): hardware, underneath the zipper where it says GUCCI, GUCCI made in italy leather tag, and serial number.

B) Certificate of Assessment: additional US$ 5

If you are selling your bag, or if you need proof against a seller who sold you a fake bag, we’ll be happy to provide you a Certificate of Assessment. We put the whole name of the person who requested.

You may even advise the buyer or seller to contact us at if they have any questions on the authenticity assessment. We are available to discuss our assessment on your behalf.

Now that is some Gucci handbag lawyer-ing!


Note: For quicker payments, you may also pay via this link:

No PayPal account? No problem! You may also use our PayPal donation page (click here). No log-in/account needed. You will only need to pay the fee with your credit card.

Make sure to choose USD as currency for these PayPal payments.

Ready to have your Gucci bag authenticated by an expert?

You may contact us at , Facebook Messenger or Instagram DM.

Sample Certificate of Assessment

Don’t make the mistake of wasting your hard-earned money on a fake Gucci bag. We guarantee that this will not only save you the bucks, but the headache of uncertainty!

But we don’t stop at Gucci! We also authenticate the following brands: Louis Vuitton, Dior, Mulberry, Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, and Alexander Wang among others.


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Disclaimer: BAGAHOLIC 101 is an independent authentication service and is not affiliated with the brands authenticated. The advice and opinions provided are based on a long experience and personal knowledge of buying, selling, and collecting luxury bags. BAGAHOLIC 101 strives to provide accurate opinion on the item’s authenticity, although there is always a very remote possibility of error. As such, BAGAHOLIC 101 cannot be held responsible for any loss that may come up from the opinions rendered. You agree to hold BAGAHOLIC 101 harmless for any loss associated with our assessment of your item.