Gucci Authentication Service

Unsure whether or not the lovely Gucci purse you long to purchase online or from a store is authentic? Then, BAGAHOLIC 101 is here to help you!

For a minimum flat rate of US$ 5, receive an expert advice on your Gucci bag’s authenticity.

  1. Online review: review of an online listing, available through a link (e.g. Ebay, Carousell, Instagram, OLX, Poshmark, etc.)
  2. Photos review: received already your Gucci bag? For this purpose, you may send us the Gucci item’s photos for authentication.


Ready to have your Gucci bag authenticated by an expert? Then email us at or message us through Skype (Skype ID: Bagaholic101).

Sample ‘Certificate of Assessment’

Don’t make the mistake of wasting your hard-earned money on a fake Gucci bag. We guarantee that this will not only save you the bucks, but the headache of uncertainty! Bagaholic 101’s specialty is Gucci bag authentication.

Important: We only currently offer authentication service for Gucci bags and wallets.


Disclaimer: BAGAHOLIC 101 is an independent authentication service and is not affiliated with Gucci. The advice and opinions provided are based on a long experience and personal knowledge of buying, selling, and collecting Gucci bags. BAGAHOLIC 101 strives to provide accurate opinion on Gucci bag authenticity, although there is always a very remote possibility of error. As such, BAGAHOLIC 101 cannot be held responsible for any loss that may come up from the opinions rendered.