Fanny pack: Despite the negative connotations of the 1980s version of the fanny pack, the bag is popularly worn by athletes and travelers. The fanny pack is a small bag that fits around the waist.

Kelly bag: In 1956, Hermès began to call one of its bags a Kelly bag after the Princess Grace of Monaco and Hollywood legend Grace Kelly. It now describes any version that has the distinctive shape, one top handle and the front clasp, even if not made by Hermès.

Shoulder bag: Any bag that hangs from the shoulder under the arm. Shoulder bags are usually small.

Laptop bag: The bag is similar to a briefcase and is sometimes used interchangeably. A laptop bag is used to carry a laptop computer, and has a handle, a shoulder strap, an a place for the battery charger and any other computer attachments.

Messenger bag: The bag is worn flat across the back and is used by bicycle messengers in major metropolitan areas because it does not interfere with movements. In fashion, messenger bags are used for much the same reason.