Doctor Bag: The contemporary version of a 19th- and early-20th century doctor bag. The bag has a short handle, rigid clasp or buckle opening, and a soft, but durable pouch bag, often reinforced with flaps.

Bucket: The name of the bag suggests the shape. The bucket is a hand or shoulder bag that features a round bottom, an open top that either ties, buckles, or snaps.

Backpack: A bag that is worn on the back with two shoulder straps. The backpack can be utilitarian, used for hiking (also called a frame pack) or decorative, as in the Prada backpack bag of the 80s-90s fame. The backpack is a ubiquitous bag for college students.

Shopper: A large, rectangular double-handled bag that has an open top and a large main compartment perfect for shopping.

Tote: The tote is meant to be an easy-to-use bag that is worn on the shoulder, handheld, or worn on the forearm. A tote usually has minimal opening hardware for easy access into the large compartments inside.