A good everyday bag should have a separate pocket inside, in which you can keep your car keys, phone, iPod and a little mirror for emergency make-up and post-lunch, spinach-in-the-teeth moments.

Cellphone pocket and side pocket inside a Louis Vuitton Antigua Cabas MM bag

In fact, we get so fed up with not being able to find a decent bag which we could carry all the kids’ stuff and still look good that some of us choose to have one customized. However, not all of us can afford this kind of customization, and, therefore, we should spend hours researching properly and carefully, personally examining the bags to see that the pockets can better answer to our needs.

Outside pockets make organization easier, such as in this Mulberry Roxanne bag

There’s been a trend for having the pockets sit on the outside of the bag, thanks to Mulberry’s amazingly popular Roxanne bag, which has its chunky pockets on the bag’s exterior. Alternatively, there are some very suave-looking bags around that allow you to access the pockets from the outside. But instead of looking chunky and sitting on top of the bag, the pockets themselves are hidden on the inside, with only their zipper on the bag’s front. With this, it’s still easy to find your essentials, but the bag’s shape is kept simple and sleek.

Security tip: Another thing you must look for in a bag is that it closes properly. So many bags just flap open, making it far too easy for pickpockets. One that zips properly or has various buckles crisscrossing the top will work. Just don’t get one of those sloppy shopper bags as they are the thief’s best friend.