Agreement: Guide and Use of Bagaholic101

Please note of the operating hours (HKT +8 GMT, i.e. same as Perth time) and services from June 29 (Wednesday) to July 3 (Sunday). Some members of our small team will be on the road, thus this minor adjustment. Note that we are not closed, and our operations continue. Merci beaucoup!


Here is a short and helpful guide to get you started with your authentication request. By proceeding, it means you have read, understood and agreed to the contents of this page. No need to click or sign up for anything, just kindly read. When you continue, it assumes you accept the contents of this page.

We only accept PayPal. Do not click nor pay anywhere else except on PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you may settle the fee with a credit card/debit card using Option 3 (Donate) in the “Payment” section below.





BAGAHOLIC101 is an independent authentication service and is not affiliated with the brands authenticated. The advice and opinions provided are based on a long experience and personal knowledge of buying, selling, and collecting luxury bags. BAGAHOLIC101 strives to provide accurate opinion on the item’s authenticity on details/photos made available to us at the time of the request, although there is always a remote possibility of error on any of our feedback, with no bad intention.

As such, BAGAHOLIC101 cannot be held responsible for any loss that may come up from the opinions rendered or messages received. You agree to hold BAGAHOLIC101 harmless for any loss associated with the assessment and/or messages on your item, nor take responsibility for any violation of any local or international infringement laws and, thus, not held responsible for the abuse of said laws. 

Lastly, please be respectful. Please do not make your own rules.

Upon proceeding with the payment, it means you have read the information contained above (e.g. easy steps, items authenticated, photos needed, services and timings, payment methods, etc.), and have agreed to the terms mentioned. Note that while we also offer plans (micro, small, maxi plans), these are to be used only within 30 days. Normal services are likewise to be used within 30 days, or this will be forfeited. Please also respect the terms of the special promos you availed. Message us if you are interested to know more about these.

Please also refrain from forcing us to give specific details on what makes us assess an item as authentic or fake. We are very careful about replica makers who are on the lookout to improve fake items. We are not forcing those who contact us to seek our assessment. If you are not amenable with this arrangement, we will respect your decision not to seek our advice.

BAGAHOLIC101 reserves the right to: 1) refuse and accept any requests and/or payment from, or 2) discontinue delivering its services to anyone for any reason at any time.

We are a small team doing this in our spare time. While we do our best to give the value for your money with our affordable prices, you are not buying us a person. We do not condone disrespectful behavior, people who throw their weight around, unreasonable customers who fail to comply with the contents of the terms explicitly mentioned here, nor any racist remarks/insinuations on race, and hate speech.

Thank you.
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