In the 1940s, Fre-Mor was renowned for its range of beaded bags. The bags were made in various shapes, such as round, rectangular, and hexagonal, with gilt metal frames and silk linings.

Fre-Mor box bag with black beadwork, twisted beadwork handle, and silver-tone metal surround; has five internal compartments. 1940s

Today, collectors will pay a premium for round or rectangular bags. In addition, they look for bags with intricate frames or frames set with Bakelite, both of which add to the value. Also sought after are bags decorated with iridescent “carnival” glass beads. Similar bags were made by companies such as DuBonnette.

Fre-Mor box bag with bronze-colored beads, twisted beadwork handle, gilt metal frame, and five internal compartments. 1940s

The owners of Fre-Mor Plastics later merged with Jewel Plastics Corp. to form Llewellyn, Inc. The Llewellyn company is best known for its Lucite handbags, produced during the 1950s.